Manuals of VarEff

Documentation technique

This version of VarEff package contains also the function TMRCA (Temporal Most Recent Ancestral) to estimate the time of detected bottleneck.
Two manuals are available:
- Detailed Manual (classical CRAN manual)
- Summary to start and to use VarEff (description of all steps to use VarEff)

VarEff was archived on CRAN.
The package VarEff can be download from "Files" menu bar on this website.
This VarEff file (.zip) can be install on R manually using "Packages -> Install package(s) from local zip files" from menu bar.



VarEffV1.2-Manual.pdf - Detailed Manual (129 KB) Natacha Nikolic, 03/24/2020 05:20 PM

VarEffV1.2-SummaryManual.pdf - Summary to start and to use VarEff (495 KB) Natacha Nikolic, 04/29/2020 08:49 AM