hapflk is a software implementing the hapFLK [1] and FLK [2] tests for the detection of selection signatures based on multiple population genotyping data.

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[1] Fariello et al., 2013, Detecting Signatures of Selection Through Haplotype Differentiation Among Hierarchically Structured Populations. Genetics 193(3):929-941. http://www.genetics.org/content/193/3/929.abstract

[2] Bonhomme et al., 2010, Detecting selection in population trees: The Lewontin and Krakauer test extended. Genetics 186(1) 241-262 http://www.genetics.org/content/186/1/241.abstract


Manager : Bertrand Servin
Développeur : Maria Ines Fariello Rico, Simon Boitard

Latest news

hapFLK practical at SSMPG 2017
Added by Bertrand Servin over 6 years ago

hapFLK release 1.4
Bug corrections and python package index.
Added by Bertrand Servin over 6 years ago

hapFLK release 1.3
The 1.3 release improves estimation of population trees and kinship matrix.
Added by Bertrand Servin over 8 years ago

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