Consistency with msprime

Added by Simon Boitard over 4 years ago

The popsizeabc code included in is no more consistent with recent versions of msprime. From msprime version 0.6.2 (and maybe even some ealier ones) please use the updated code in

Faster simulations!

Added by Simon Boitard over 7 years ago

Simulated datasets can now be obtained using msprime (Kelleher et al, 2016), which decreases simulation time by a factor from 10 to 100.

The new functions based on msprime are in, which can just replace Everything works exactly as with (see the wiki for a description), except that msprime must first be installed on your computer, as described here:

Quick start example

Added by Simon Boitard about 8 years ago


A quick start example has been added on the wiki, python and R scripts used for this example have been added in the compressed directories and

The description of the files available for download has been updated.


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