QTLMap is a software dedicated to the detection of QTL from experimental designs in outbred population. QTLMap software is developed by the Animal Genetics Division at INRA (French National Institute for Agronomical Research). The statistical techniques used are linkage analysis (LA) and linkage disequilibrium linkage analysis (LDLA) using interval mapping. Different versions of the LA are proposed from a quasi Maximum Likelihood approach to a fully linear (regression) model. The LDLA is a regression approach (Legarra and Fernando, 2009). The population may be sets of half-sib families or mixture of full- and half- sib families. The computations of Phase and Transmission probabilities are optimized to be rapid and as exact as possible. QTLMap is able to deal with large numbers of markers (SNP) and traits (eQTL).

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QTLMap 0.9.7
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