Rules & Tools

Statistical methods for the dissection of trait variability with SNP chips

The Rules&Tools project is presented within the thematic axis Animal Genomics.
Our shared objective is to concentrate the efforts of teams working in Animal Genetics
on the optimisation of statistical and computing methods devoted to the dissection
of quantitative traits in livestock species.


  • Tâche 1 : Building a simulator
    JM Elsen, S Teyssedre , D Roldan and A Ricard (SAGA), F Guillaume (IE-GABI) and F Hospital (GABI)
  • task2 Tâche 2 : Modelling LD and estimating IBD
    H Gilbert, JM Elsen, C Moreno and S Teyssedre (SAGA), D Boichard and a post doc (X1) to be recruited (GABI).
  • task3 Tâche 3 : Models for epistasis
    P Le Roy, O Demeure, O Filangi and N Bacciu (GARen).
  • task4 Tâche 4 : Controlling type I error
    C Delmas (SAGA), F Hospital (GABI), F Guillaume (IE-GABI), JM Elsen (SAGA), a post doc (X2) to be recruited (SAGA), P Le Roy (GARen).
  • task5 Tâche 5 : Evaluating rules
    A Legarra, S Teyssedre, D Roldan and A Ricard (SAGA), H Gilbert, P Croiseau, MP Sanchez (GABI), F Guillaume (IE-GABI), S Fritz and S Allais (UNCEIA- GABI).
  • task6 Tâche 6 : Experimental design
    A Ricard, S Teyssedre, D Roldan and JM Elsen (SAGA), P Croiseau and MP Sanchez (GABI).
  • task7 Tâche 7 : Dissemination
    O Filangi , all the partners may be involved in this task.

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